Symphonic Metal band | Verona, Italia


“..A feeble tune, the path throughout the shadows..”

These short lines can give an accurate idea of what the music of Empathica is all about. The band mixes fast and heavy riffs with a dark and deep orchestra, to create the right ambience where to present the power of ideas and their immortality through the ages. Empathica is also a message for any dreamer out there, a message meant to break the chains that bind the Earth to heaven, to finally find the path throughout the shadows.

Empathica was born in 2012, and now, almost seven years later the band is presenting the first full length “The Fire Symphony”. The album required a lot of work during the years, the time was divided between pre productions, rehearsals and demo recordings. During the last months, the proper recordings, the mixing and the mastering were finally done. This is not Empathica’s first work: Orchestral Nightmare was the EP released in 2013. This one was a death metal oriented album, so even if the orchestral elements were starting to appear the music was much heavier. After that release, the music started to change and the songs grew up with the musicians during the years. The Fire Symphony is a huge work compared to Orchestral Nightmares.

“It is much more than a pleasure for us to be finally able to show everyone what we were up to, and what our music is about.

The line up changed quite a lot during the years, we can't even remember how much. Three of us were part of the project since the beginning: Francesco Gambarini (guitar), Giacomo Savina (keyboard), Francesco Falsiroli (drums) while Filippo Tezza (bass, vocals) and Alessia De Benedictis (vocals) joined us while we were working on this album. Of course some new blood in the band can help a lot in bringing something very interesting alive”

Now, take your time and prepare to a journey with our Fire Symphony…





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